Thibaut is a real musical virtuoso; not in the superficial technical sense,
but in the sense of the integrity and care with which he approaches pieces
that are stylistically and structurally very diverse ad heterogenious.
Dusan Bogdanovic, composer & guitarist
An exceptional guitarist, mastering the guitar with beauty, cleanliness and poetry.
A great artist who offers us freshness to the ease and spontaneity
wherever there is study and reflexion.
Luis de Pablo, composer
What is most impressive listening Thibaut Garcia is the ease with which
he transforms into music every technical and interpretive gesture, every breath and every silence,
using the guitar as a natural extension of his own voice.
Lorenzo Micheli, guitarist
A great guitarist, demanding, humble, always as a servant to the music.
Truly a privilege to collaborate with such a musician.
Vincent A. Jockin, composer
Thibaut Garcia, Guitarist